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Lafayette Restaurant Supply has been in business for over 70 years. Back in 1947 after the end of World War II, Lodger Thibeaux found himself wanting to start his own business. During the war he served as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy, during which time part of his responsibilities were overseeing the galley equipment and supplies the ship needed to function efficiently and serve all the men on board. He wanted to start a retail business and with his background in kitchen/galley equipment and supplies it only made sense to go into the retail business of providing restaurant and bar equipment and supplies. At this stage the business was called The Little Red Store and was in the infant stages of what would end up becoming Lafayette Restaurant Supply.

After moving locations to "the hill", the business quickly grew and along the way the name changed to Lafayette Restaurant Supply. In 1962, Lodger passed away and his brother, Herman Thibeaux I, left his job at a local brick company to take over the business. Herman, who also served in World War II as a Corporal in the Army, was eager to work for himself and see where he could take the business.

Things really started to change for Lafayette Restaurant Supply in 1974, when Herman Thibeaux II came to work for his father at Lafayette Restaurant Supply. Herman recalls, "I was given a milk crate full of catalogs and was to call on every business from Lafayette and back Monday-Friday. Saturday I processed paperwork and submitted purchase orders." The business grew to the point where they relocated from "the hill" to the industrial parkway in 1978. Herman Thibeaux II took full ownership of the business when his dad retired in 1982.

In 1990 Herman's eldest son, Herman (Poonie) Thibeaux III, came to work for the company. Shortly after Poonie started learning the business, new opportunities opened up for Lafayette Restaurant Supply in 1992, when the company began doing work for companies in the oil field such as Shell, Chevron, and BP. Lafayette Restaurant Supply would outfit oil rigs to keep workers fully housed and fed for long periods of time. This was and still is a major focus of the business. In 1995 Herman's second son, Hunter Thibeaux, joined the business while finishing up college.

Lafayette Restaurant Supply hit another milestone in 2005 after the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Katrina devastated not only the Gulf coast and the city of New Orleans, but along the way wiped out many deep water rigs in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Similarly, Rita wiped many deep water rigs on the western side of the Gulf of Mexico along with devastation cause on land. After these hurricanes, Lafayette Restaurant Supply began doing work with the community to rebuild schools and eventually landing a contract to work on the Superdome renovation 2005.

Through all the changes and development as a business, Lafayette Restaurant Supply has remained a family business since conception. Recently, Hunter Thibeaux eldest son, Ethan Thibeaux came to work for the company and will one day take the company to a fourth generation of ownership. Through all 70 plus years in business and through the many changes in the facets of business Lafayette Restaurant Supply has remained loyal to their community and their mission,

Our mission is dedicated to offering our customers the best commercial foodservice equipment, design, supplies, and parts at competitive pricing. We value our relationships and pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service.
Whether it's the Superdome renovation or a neighborhood restaurant that needs a new ice machine, we strive to provide quality products and superior service to every customer we work with. Call us today and find out what we can do for you!