Gathering around the table with family and friends, enjoying a great meal together is a great way to celebrate all of the blessings that make us so thankful. What does your Thanksgiving look like? At my Thanksgiving, you will find several cooks in the kitchen while the kids are playing, just happy to be together. There’s the Thanksgiving parade, football, lots of laughs, great conversation, and holiday planning. It’s a time of reflection, gratitude, and that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from being together. Every little detail makes it wonderful.


It seems like a fitting time to say thank you to all of the chefs, restaurant & bar owners, and teams of foodservice professionals out there for creating many of the memorable dining experiences that we share with our family and friends throughout the year. It takes serious talent, passion, hard work, and dedication to create all of the details that go into that wonderful dining experience that we all enjoy and remember. Gathering at our favorite restaurants and pubs for great food, spirit, and fellowship is priceless.


Happy Thanksgiving!