Good News! Cambro has the answers when it comes to successful food delivery and catering. It’s no secret, food delivery is big business. The delivery and catering side of a foodservice operation presents great opportunities for restaurants, but it does not come without some challenges too.


National Restaurant Association research shows that about one-third of consumers say that purchasing restaurant takeout is an essential part of their lifestyle. In addition, nearly half (46 percent) of adults – and 61 percent of millennials – say an important factor in choosing a table service restaurant is the availability of takeout or delivery options. Quick-service, casual and even fine-dining restaurants are all capitalizing on the benefits and possibilities of takeout and delivery services.


Cambro is known for their expertise on the subject of food safety and food delivery. They are also known for quality that you can count on, which makes them a good first stop when maximizing your operation. Cambro has a complete line of products that make it easier for foodservice professionals to maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges of food delivery. A one-stop shop for delivery and catering from an industry leader that knows the business, can make all the difference in your operation.


Organization and staging are essential for food delivery. Take a look at Camshelving®Flex StationsOrganizer Bins, and Elements Undercounter Units as a great way to expand and maximize your food delivery side of the business. Cambro shelving is easy to assemble and easy to keep clean. These units are durable, flexible, and a great way to maximize space. You definitely want to stay organized, control your inventory, and reduce food waste to stay successful. It doesn’t hurt when health inspectors are happy with you too.


Busy delivery operations benefit from Cambro’s GoBox® with sturdy carrying strap. Delivery drivers can conveniently carry the Half-Size Cam GoBox® single-handedly for easy transport. The ultra-light and incredibly durable Half-Size Cam GoBox® is the ideal size for off-premise catering, delivery drop-offs and satellite feeding.


GoBags™ are ideal for quick-stop deliveries of hot and cold foods, especially pizzas. They are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate any delivery order. Cambro Delivery Bags are constructed to keep food safe, hot and fresh during transport. Personalization is available on standard, premium, and delivery GoBags™. Accessories available include Gel Packs for extended holding times and thermal pads to allow hot and cold product in a single delivery bag.


Cambro’s electric and non-electric insulated holding and transport cabinets, carts, and carriers are the ultimate in food transport. A busy delivery and catering operation can streamline their menu items right into the Cambro cart. The Pro Cart Ultra® electric can hold all of your hot and cold menu items in one cart.


Successful food delivery is a great way to extend your reach, increase loyal customers, and build your brand. Check out Cambro for solutions in food delivery and catering.


Check out the video below for an example of a Cambro Food Delivery Solution.