The PrepMate™ MultiStation is the ultimate solution for busy foodservice operations. It’s designed to create space, improve productivity, and provide a more comfortable and streamlined workflow.   Chop, dice and slice through vegetables with the highest efficiency. The PrepMate Multi-Rail is designed to hold a standard 18”x24” cutting board above standard food/steam table pans. The patent pending design increases work surface capacity by providing an easily accessible level of storage below the work surface in a compact footprint.  It increases productivity by allowing product to be prepared and pushed into pans without the waste of time and motion to pick-up and place prepared food into pans.   Reducing strain on employees, the QwikSet Easy Height Adjustment feature allows operators to easily raise or lower the work surface height for their ideal ergonomic prep position.   Metro is known for addressing the needs of foodservice professionals with extensive field research. They hit it out of the park with this one!  Watch the video to learn more about it.