School foodservice professionals are super heroes when it comes to providing nutritious meals and snacks to our children while they are in school.  Sometimes it’s a matter of offering quick breakfast items to young grade school students from a location outside the classroom or it may be providing on-the-go snacks to high school students. In every scenario, flexibility, mobility, and accessibility is very important. New Age checked all of those boxes when designing these carts.


The 52550 Breakfast Cart, designed for K-6th grade, is on casters for mobility, equipped with tray slides, and can be easily positioned in hallways for fast breakfast service. The 52655 Grab & Go Cart, designed for 6-12th grade, is also on casters for mobility and features a plastic bag holder for easy on-the-go service.  Because both of these carts are so mobile, solid and flexible, they can be used for a variety of applications including concessions, special school events, and more.  The opportunities are endless. Options for these carts include badge holders, extension rails, three-sided enclosed base, and a sign holder bracket for merchandising. New Age will also customize carts to meet exact and unique needs as requested.


New Age School Carts are for all school foodservice professionals who tirelessly work to find new ways to present healthy meals in a way that will entice young students and who make healthy food accessible to all school children. Thank you for all you do.